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From the Technical Desk

Barry Quon, Technical & Training Manager

Even though we are all busy, remember not to cut corners or do inferior treatments or installations, it will only come back to create a world of pain for you over time.
One area of concern, that has come to light recently is the non-use of TERM-seal™ Prime Coat or the use of a non-compatible or inferior primer from a third party when using TERM-seal™ Multi-Purpose Active and TERM-seal™ Sealant Active.

Why use TERM-seal™ Prime Coat?
TERM-seal™ prime coat is an acrylic based primer for use on concrete and masonry surfaces, prior to the application of TERM-seal™ Multi-Purpose and Sealant active.
If you want to apply TERM-seal™ Multi-Purpose and Sealant Active to a concrete or other masonry surface, whether inside or outside of the building, it’s important that you properly prepare the surface first. One crucial part of the process is using a high-quality primer, TERM-seal™ Prime Coat—this is what acts a go-between for masonry surface and Multi-Purpose and Sealant Active. Prime Cote guarantees that Multi-Purpose and Sealant will stay put by providing the texture necessary for the application to adhere to the surface.
Concrete is very absorptive in nature and because of this TERM-seal™ Prime Coat has been specially formulated so it is able to absorb into the concrete, bonding to the surface and creating the perfect surface for applying TERM-seal™ Multi-Purpose and Sealant Active.

How to Apply Prime Cote on Masonry Surfaces
Applying TERMSEAL’s Sealants and Coatings to masonry and concrete surfaces is significantly more involved than just applying it to the surface to be protected. The masonry surface has to be specially prepared for the application, or the Multi-Purpose and/or Sealant Active simply won’t adhere as it should.
Here’s the correct way to do it:
1. Strip Old Paint: If the surface was painted previously, it is important to remove any paint that is peeling or flaking. For an indoor concrete surface, use tools like a paint scraper or wire brush to remove paint. For outdoor surfaces, a power washer will quickly remove old paint, as well as dirt and weeds. Cement render to wall surface will also need to be removed from the areas to be treated, remember that termites can move up behind “drummy” render.
2. Clean the Concrete or other Masonry Surface: Concrete is a unique material because it is very absorptive—it easily traps dirt, grease, and oil. For a complete and flawless application of TERM-seal™ Multi-Purpose and TERM-seal™ Sealant Active, your concrete surface will need to be thoroughly cleaned before primer is applied. There are several cleaners on the market created specifically for concrete cleaning.
3. Apply TERM-seal™ Prime Coat: Once you’ve properly prepared the surface of the concrete, you can apply the Prime Coat according to instructions. TERM-seal™ Prime Coat masonry primer is specifically designed to absorb into the surface of concrete, filling imperfections and creating a surface for the TERM-seal™ Multi-Purpose and TERM-seal™ Sealant Active. TERM-seal™ Prime Coat will dry in approx. 30 minutes and can be applied over even if still “tacky”.
While using TERM-seal™ Prime Coat to masonry surfaces seems like one more unnecessary step, it is actually a crucial part of your TERM-seal™ termite and waterproof application. Without the use of TERM-seal™ Prime Coat, you can expect a poor finish to your project, as well as peeling and cracking of the TERM-seal™ Multi-Purpose and TERM-seal™ Sealant Active over time. Following these steps, however, will reward you with an installation that will withstand the rigors of the building process including back filled walls below ground level, construction joints between new and existing concrete slabs, slab edge termite and waterproofing etc.
To Summarise:
TERM-seal™ Prime-Coat is a ready to use solution.
TERM-seal™ Prime-coat must be applied on all applications prior to the first coat of TERM-seal™ Multi-purpose Active or TERM-seal™ Sealant Active.
• Application is by brush, roller or spray gun and has a coverage rate of 1.5 liters per square meter, and at normal ambient conditions is touch dry in 30 minutes.
TERM-seal™ Prime Coat is available in 4 litre pails or 15 Litre Buckets.

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