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From the Technical Desk

Barry Quon, Technical & Training Manager Even though we are all busy, remember not to cut corners or do inferior treatments or installations, it will only come back to create a world of pain for you over time. One area of concern, that has come to light recently is the

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 Turn over a new sheet image

Turn over a new sheet

Phil Hannay, CEO and Technical Director  When building a new home, choosing the correct termite management system is vital to achieve lasting protection from termites. Termite sheet materials are often a key component of many termite management systems, but with several

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 Pre-construction – training for success image

Pre-construction – training for success

Pre-construction termite protection is a significant segment of the pest control market. Expanding into ‘precon’ work can grow your business and help maintain your revenue during the cooler winter months.  But pre-construction work isn’t without its challenges, and w

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 Pre-con termite solutions for all situations image

Pre-con termite solutions for all situations

The pre-construction termite market is a tough business. Flexibility is key, not only in job scheduling but when arriving on site, you never know what construction challenges you may find. The ability to think on your feet is vital, but you also need a range of products on hand

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Solutions for Termites and Buildings image

Solutions for Termites and Buildings

TERM-seal is perhaps synonymous with pre-construction termite treatments, but such is the flexibility of TERM-seal products that they can be vital tools in providing termite protection for existing buildings.  When termites attack a building, more often than not they have

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