Pre-con termite solutions for all situations

The pre-construction termite market is a tough business. Flexibility is key, not only in job scheduling but when arriving on site, you never know what construction challenges you may find. The ability to think on your feet is vital, but you also need a range of products on hand that can deal with any situation. 

TERMSEAL AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD. has been leading the way with innovative termite management product for years and has developed a very loyal following and 2018 marked the 20th anniversary of its founding when it embarked on a journey to develop novel termite management systems. 

The products themselves have been on the market for nearly 15 years and have certainly stood the test of time. 

Andrew Fagan from Albury Wodonga Pest Control has been using TERM-seal products since their launch. 

“We decided to give them a go as we like to support Australian companies and products when we can. Phil seemed to know what he was talking about, and there was a range of products for a range of different situations and more products have become available over the years,” commented Mr Fagan. 

Albury Wodonga Pest Control uses TERM-seal for all of its physical pre-construction work and with the help of TERM-seal, pre-construction work accounts for nearly 40% of turnover. 

“Being Australian owned and Australian made, TERM-seal is such an easy sell to both builders and homeowners. But it’s also the quality and it’s so easy to use. And they certainly look after their customers; it’s great to know you can actually speak to the manufacturer and get an accurate answer and advice when needed,” said Mr Fagan. 

Ura Fen Shield TWB (termite and waterproof barrier) is one of Mr Fagan’s favourite products to use. 

“For me, Ura Fen Shield is the stand-out product. It’s easy to work with and you don’t get any irritation. The brickies like it for the same reason. The fact that it can be used as a damp course is an additional benefit. We’ve tried all the other sheeting products and we stick with TERM-seal. It’s easy to install and we’ve had no complaints, issues or breaching of the barrier to date.” 

Ura fen Shield TWB consists of a unique, patented, triple layer construction that traps the active ingredient (bifenthrin) within the cell matrix making the product easy to handle and ensuring the insecticide stays in place after installation – reducing environmental impact and maintaining performance for the lifetime of the building. Ura Fen Shield TWB is Codemark certified and comes with a 50-year warranty. 

Mark Hayman from Accurate Pest Management on the Sunshine Coast is also a long-time user of Ura Fen Shield TWB. “We moved to Ura Fen Shield when it first came out nine or so years ago. As with the rest of the TERM-seal range, we appreciate the consistency and their quality checks.” 

With the range of TERM-seal products available, Mr Hayman appreciates the versatility of the products to deal with any construction situation and is also a big fan of TERM-seal Multi-purpose Active Coating

“Multi-purpose is great for dealing with a range of construction situations, planned and unplanned, big and small. You can put it anywhere it will stick to. It can be a great rescue product when corrective action needs to be taken. Its waterproof properties allow it to be used in a wide range of situations.” 

Multi-purpose Active is a highly engineered acrylic polymer-based liquid that can be painted, rolled or sprayed onto surfaces. On curing it forms a seamless, flexible, termite-resistant and waterproof membrane. It is ideal for backfilled walls, basements, internal wet areas and construction joints. Like Ura Fen Shield, Multi-purpose Active is Codemark certified. 

Ura Fen Shield and Multi-purpose Active are just two of the products in the TERM-seal range that can be used to provide termite protection across various construction situations. Having a ‘one stop shop’ for all their physical pre-construction termite products makes life easy for pest managers. 

“I’m happy, the builders are happy and in recent years I haven’t shopped around for alternative products… I haven’t needed to!” concluded Mr Hayman.

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Pre-con termite solutions for all situations