Pre-construction – training for success

Pre-construction termite protection is a significant segment of the pest control market. Expanding into ‘precon’ work can grow your business and help maintain your revenue during the cooler winter months. 

But pre-construction work isn’t without its challenges, and while it can be daunting for newcomers, comprehensive training and access to the right combination of products means qualified pest managers can tackle pre-construction work with confidence. 

Termseal Australia provide ‘on demand’ accreditation courses to train pest managers as certified installers of their products. “Our full day training course covers the full range of Termseal products, explaining how they work and how they can be applied to the construction types. But importantly, we also highlight the recommended product for each situation,” explained Termseal technical manager, Barry Quon

Termseal training takes into account the latest updates in the various standards and is tailored by state, depending on regulations and construction types, Mr Quon said. “Queensland and Western Australia get slightly different versions.” 

Termseal view their training course as just the start in getting pest managers on board with their products and provide significant post-training support. “It’s important for our customers to know we are there for support. We’re happy to come out on site visits, and we offer on-site phone and video conferencing to help solve customer problems whilst they’re on the job,” said Mr Quon. 

Brad Iranzadi, from Home Termite Control in Sydney, attended his first Termseal training course a couple of years ago. 

“The courses are full of information,” Mr Iranzadi said. “Barry was a pestie, so he knows about termites and how they get into buildings. With his construction knowledge, it really helps explaining not just how, but why we need to apply the products where we do. I always go back and attend the Termseal courses when they’re on, as I always learn something new and have the chance to ask some tricky questions.” 

“Although the training was very comprehensive, it was certainly a bit daunting doing my first precon job. It was very comforting to have Barry on site to help. I used Barry a couple of times for on-site support whilst starting out,” Mr Iranzadi said. 

With Termseal providing a range of Australian made pre-construction products, their training covers virtually all construction situations. 

“Although attendees should have a basic idea of construction before attending the course, we do spend some time on slab design, as it’s the most common construction type, which presents a range of different application situations,” Mr Quon explained. 

“It’s important for our customers to understand how to use all our products, because when you are on site, you often have to solve unique problems. We always encourage our installers to ‘think outside the square’ to find the best solution.” 

Mr Iranzadi echoed these sentiments. “One of the good things about Termseal is that there are lots of different products for different situations. It’s the only product range I need to use, as I can solve any problem on site. This is important as it keeps the builder happy, and if you keep your builder happy, they keep using you, they don’t bother looking for someone else.”

“I started working for one builder who did work for a larger company. Now on his recommendation, I am getting work for other builders who contract for the same company. Termseal pricing allows me to deliver quality work at a competitive price. Although I only started in precon a couple of years ago, to my surprise, it’s now 30% of my business.” 

Termseal run six training sessions a year, however Mr Quon said they are also ‘on demand’, so pest managers should contact Termseal directly to register their interest.

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Pre-construction – training for success